Signs your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced

Your home’s water heater is important for keeping the water you need for your home nice and hot, from washing the dishes to taking a shower. You’ll quickly notice when the water for those dishes and showers is suddenly ice cold, but you might not see problems affecting your water heater while you still have hot water. Issues like a potential leaking water heater, mineral deposits building up, unusual noises, or other warning signs that your hot water heater needs some attention. By being proactive and keeping an eye out for early warning signs, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road. Here are ten signs that your water heater may need to be repaired or replaced:


  1. Your water isn’t as hot as it used to be.
  2. Hot water doesn’t last long
  3. Inconsistent water temperature
  4. Reduced or low water pressure
  5. Your water heater leaks
  6. Weird sounds and noise coming from the water heater
  7. Rusty water or signs of corrosion
  8. Unpleasant smelling cloudy water
  9. Tank won’t drain through the drain valve
  10. Your energy bills have increased unexpectedly

Your water isn’t as hot as it used to be

The easiest problem to notice is that the water from the showers and faucets isn’t hot! If you’ve noticed that your showers aren’t as steamy as they used to be, it could be a sign that your water heater is on the fritz. Over time, sediment can build up at the bottom of your tank and insulate the heating elements from the water, making them far less effective. In many cases, these issues occur in water heaters that have been in use for years. Flushing your tank (a process where sediments are removed) can often improve the situation, but if the problem persists, it may be time for a new gas or tankless hot water heater.

Hot water doesn’t last long

Water heaters are made to store many gallons of hot water that is readily available for use. However, when your hot water supply doesn’t last very long, there is likely an issue with your water heater. There can be many reasons this is happening, but a common problem many homeowners face is the heating element. When the element becomes faulty, some of the water within the water heater cannot be heated as quickly and runs out before you are finished showering, and nobody wants an ice-cold shower or fluctuating water temperatures.

Inconsistent water temperature

Have you noticed your water temperature changing even though you haven’t changed it? If the water temperature fluctuates between cold, hot, and lukewarm, there is probably a problem with the water heater. Inconsistent temperatures are most commonly caused by mineral deposits building up inside or a heating element malfunctioning. However, if it’s an old water heater, it might be better to replace it. Whatever the reason is, Canyon Hills Plumbing can help you identify the problem and remedy it fast!

Reduced or low water pressure

There can be many reasons you are experiencing low water pressure, but in some cases, it might be because of your water heater. In addition to problems with temperature, minerals can often accumulate on heating elements or block water pipes, reducing the water pressure. Water pressure can also get weaker as a water heater gets older.

Your water heater leaks

Water leaks can be incredibly damaging to your home, especially if it is a leak in your water heater, as they have a constant supply of water, with tanks holding a large amount of hot water. If there’s water pooling at the bottom of your water heater, you need to address this ASAP. There are many potential causes of a water heater leaking. Sometimes it can be a faulty hot or cold water connection, damaged drain valve, loose gaskets, or even corrosion inside the tank; we can usually remedy these situations with a simple repair, but if it’s leaking out of the water tank, a repair is not going to fix your problem. If the leak is left unchecked, it can get worse, and you will need to repair any water damage it has caused and have a local plumber replace your water heater.

Weird sounds and noise coming from the water heater

As gas water heaters work hard over the years, they naturally age and start making a soft buzzing sound, which isn’t alarming. However, If you’ve started hearing popping, cracking, or banging noises coming from your water heater, there’s a good chance that sediments have built up on the bottom of your tank and are now burning when they come into contact with the heating elements. While this might not seem like a big deal at first, if left unchecked, this problem will only get worse until sediments completely block off access to the heating element – at which point you’ll need to either replace your anode rod (could void the appliance’s warranty if you do this yourself) or get a new water heater entirely. Flushing your tank should take care of this problem temporarily, but if sediments continue to build up at an accelerated rate, a replacement will eventually become necessary.

Rusty water or signs of corrosion

Rust in your hot water is usually a sign of bacteria growth, pipe corrosion, water heater corrosion, or mineral deposits in the water supply. This rusty water appearance may also be a sign that your anode rod (a metal rod that protects the inside of your tank from corrosion) has failed and needs to be replaced. Anode rods should be checked and replaced every 3-5 years, depending on the hardness of your water (the higher the hardness, the more often they’ll need to be replaced). If you don’t replace your anode rod in a timely manner, the corrosive nature of the hard water will eat through the walls of your water heater, causing leaks and necessitating repair or replacement.

You can also tell if your water heater has corroded if there is rust or corrosion on the outside of the water heater. However, there could be an issue with the pipes corroding instead. Our experts at Canyon Hills Plumbing can help you identify the issue and take the necessary steps to repair it.

Unpleasant smelling cloudy water

Is the water from your taps cloudy and has a strange odor? This might be caused by sediments building up or bacterial infection within the water heater. When this happens, you should contact a local professional plumber as soon as possible to remedy the issue, as the water could become harmful for use.

Tank won’t drain through the drain valve

Mineral deposits usually build up in your water heater’s drain line over time, so you should have your water heater flushed out at least once per year. If too much sediment accumulates in the drain line, water won’t be able to easily drain out of the water heater’s drain valve, even to a point where it can’t drain out at all. When this happens, it may be time for a hot water heater repair.

Your energy bills have increased unexpectedly

Suppose you’ve noticed that your energy bills gradually increased over time without explanation. In that case, sediments may have built up inside your heater and are insulating the heating elements from the water – meaning that they have to work harder (and use more energy) to heat the same amount of water than they did before. This problem can usually be solved by flushing out sediment, so it doesn’t insulate the heating elements anymore. Still, if the problem persists, it may be time for a new water heater. Depending on how old your current unit is, replacing it with a newer model could actually save you money in the long run, thanks to improved energy efficiency!

Are You Experiencing Issues with Your Water Heater?

Even with regular maintenance, or if you have had your water heater repaired in the past, problems with your water heater need to be addressed quickly so that they don’t escalate into even more significant issues. To catch these problems sooner rather than later, it’s important to have your water heater inspected at least once a year. Our water heater replacement and repair experts at Canyon Hills Plumbing can identify and fix any problems you have with your water heater, from a simple repair to a replacement altogether.

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