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Camera Inspection for Sewer & Drain Plumbing

Are you having problems with your sewer or drain lines? Or maybe you need to examine the condition of your plumbing lines before buying a new home and need peace of mind? Our video camera inspection services can help!

Sewer Video Camera Inspections Services

Sewer cameras have provided an entirely different level of sophistication for plumbers. Gone are the days when we had to excavate and dig, tearing up everything in our path in hopes that we would quickly get to your problem area. Today’s sewer video cameras function at a CCTV or closed-circuit television, and leverage fiber optic technology so we can find your clog or plumbing problem fast.

Sewer cameras can be especially useful after hydro-jetting is completed and your pipes are clear. This allows our plumbers to confirm that the area is clean and that there is no damage to your pipes.

When to Request a Sewer Line Inspection

Whether you are experiencing frequent clogs, need to have your sewer lines checked before a home purchase, doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel and need to ensure your current sewer line can handle the job a sewer inspection using our video equipment can provide the answers we need.

A camera inspection will reduce guessing games. No matter how experienced we are, no one can see underground. So, video equipment is used to inspect the pipes that are buried several feet underground.

A video camera provides better clarity than what can be discovered in any other way. The camera can provide a clear video of your sewer lines so that our plumber is better educated on what they will be working with before they break ground which saves you money and time.

We use only the best video equipment which provides depth and distance tracking and lets us know precisely where the problem in your pipes is occurring.

We can share the video footage with you so that you are looking at the same thing. This gives you peace of mind in what we are recommending to you and will reassure you that the suggested solution is the right approach.

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What Will a Sewer Inspection Tell Me?

Leveraging visual inspection through the use of a sewer video camera, you can gain a wealth of knowledge about the health of your pipes.

  • Pipe material
  • Sewer line depth and length
  • Approximate path your sewer line takes to meet the main
  • Root intrusions in the pipe
  • Breaks in the pipe
  • Failed connections in the pipe
  • Sludge or mineral deposit build-ups in the pipe
  • The existence of a belly or dip in the pipe that could catch solid material and debris
  • The overall condition of the pipe

What Can’t a Video Sewer Inspection Tell Me?

Quite simply, sewer video cameras are unable to locate leaks. Here is why:

A leak, by definition, is water escaping the pipe through the exterior of a hole, break, or crack. Because the camera is inside the pipe, it can’t see what is happening on the outside.

Your plumber has to interpret or guess what they are seeing. While it might look like a hole, break, or crack in the pipe, bit sludge and other gunk can make it difficult to interpret with 100% confidence what is being seen. That said, video footage can help the plumber to make a much better prediction on the problem that is at hand.

What looks like a crack on the inside, does not necessarily mean that the crack has made its way to the outside. And, because the camera can’t see outside the pipe, there is no way to fully ascertain if there is a leak.

Calcium, soap scum, debris, grease, etc., commonly builds up on the walls within the pipes. This can block the ability to see damage to the inside of the pipe.

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