History of Lake Elsinore, CA

Lake Elsinore is a fast-growing suburban city located within the Elsinore Valley in Riverside County. The city encompasses more than half of Lake Elsinore, a giant freshwater lake with which it shares its name. As of 2018, Lake Elsinore was estimated to have a population of 68,000 residents, a significant increase from the 51,821 recorded in 2010 and your Lake Elsinore Plumber loves calling it home.

The Elsinore Valley area which includes the location of today’s Lake Elsinore and Lake Elsinore city is believed to have been home to several groups of Native American tribes prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Historic and archeological evidence shows that the Luiseño people were among the earliest groups of ingenious people to live in the Lake Elsinore area.

Juan Bautista de Anza and his expedition team which was tasked with mapping New Spain’s territory is said to have overlooked the potential in the region surrounding Lake Elsinore during their exploration of Alta California in the late 1760s. It wasn’t until the late 1790s that the area was discovered by a padre from one of the Spanish missions. The lake was a very popular camping area for the American traders, Mexican ranchers and thousands of emigrants who flocked the region during and after the California Gold Rush.

The Rancho La Laguna land grant was issued in 1844. The land changed hands several times between 1844 and 1883 when several partners bought the ranch with the intention of turning it to a town. The development of the town started off on a high note following the construction of a railway station within its premises. The town was officially incorporated under the name “Elsinore” in 1888. At its inception, the town was under the jurisdiction of San Diego County but was later assigned to the newly formed Riverside County in 1893.

Although the town was frequented by many visitors who believed that the minerals spring around the lake had a therapeutic healing effect, the 1887 construction of the Crescent Bath House doubled its reputation. By the early 1900s, several celebrities and famous Lake Elsinore, CA people began including Bela Lugosi and Aimee McPherson had established residences in the town.

In 1972, the town’s residents voted to change the name of the town from Elsinore to Lake Elsinore. In the period between 2000 and 2010, the city was one of the fastest-growing residential communities in California. Although it has since lost its laid-back charm, more and more people continue to be drawn to the city by its high livability and family friendliness.

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