What Is Hydro Jetting And When Do You Need It?

Hydro jetting is a method used to clean slow-moving drains and clogged sewage lines. Water jetting is a method frequently used by professional plumbing contractors, employing a hydro jetting machine which uses a blast of water at very high pressure up to 4000 psi to remove hard, stubborn blockages.

To make the jetting process more effective, the plumbers at Canyon Hills Plumbing in Lake Elsinore, CA will snake the line and then do a video camera inspection to find the location and cause of the problem. In addition, it allows our plumbing specialists to evaluate the condition of the pipe and extent of the jetting service required.

However, hydro jetting does not help with broken pipes. Instead, it will make the weak portions of the pipe more prone to breakage. Therefore, a video inspection is necessary before starting off any procedure.
Now for people who are not familiar with it, let us tell you why you might need hydro jetting.

Why Do You Need It?

Troublesome clogs and blockages that won’t clear using standard line snaking, preventative maintenance, drains that are overflowing or slow draining are perfect candidates for using a hydro jetting service.

Whether you have a substantial scale accumulation, massive root intrusion, hair, silt or heavy grease and sludge buildup in your home or commercial business water jetting can remove those obstacles and get your drains flowing like new again.

How Does It Work?

Depending on if your clog is in your kitchen or main sewer line, our process and equipment used varies. In both situations, we feed special nozzles inside the pipe or drain and use various pressures for kitchen or main sewer line clogs depending on the size of the pipe and type of clog.

Our hydro jetting machine has a motor and a large tank of water attached to a long hose that has various interchangeable nozzles. This system forces high-pressure water through your pipes that devour and breaks down buildup and blockages inside and on the walls of your pipes.

We lower the hose into the drain opening then turn on the motor to send the pressurized water through the nozzle. The nozzles shoot water both forwards and backward to push through clogs and clean the walls of the pipe at the same time leaving a clean pipe and drain.

Hydro jetting tree root removal

What Can Be Removed With Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting can easily remove silt, sand and hair clogs which adhere to the walls of pipes. We can even remove tree roots. It should be routinely done in restaurants to avoid the buildup of grease and food particles. This method cleans more efficiently than snaking. 

Snaking can remove clogs, but some particles are often left behind. Furthermore, hydro jetting is environmentally friendly, and no punitive chemicals are used. 

Note: Hydro-jetting must be done by a professional plumber and not taken on by a DIY homeowner or business owner. The high-pressure water used can damage and break pipes if misused, or in the wrong area. Professional plumbers know when and how to use hydro jetting and ensure proper cleaning of the pipes. Using a licensed and insured plumber like Canyon Hills Plumbing is essential to protect your pipes from unexpected damage.

Is Hydro Jetting Possible In House Pipes and Sewer Lines?

Even though largely used in commercial applications like restaurants and industrial areas, hydro jetting can also be used in your house water and sewer lines. If you have years silt, hair clogs or other greasy matter buildups, jetting is a beneficial service that removes all debris from the pipes, ensures proper cleaning, and prevents future issues.

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Hydro Jetting FAQ

Is Water Jetting safe for pipes?

Hydro jetting uses powerful jets of water to clear clogs and clean debris from pipes. It can cause damage if not used correctly and in the right situation. We always do a camera pipe inspection before deciding if hydro jetting is appropriate for your pipes to avoid damage and save you money.

Does Hydro Jetting remove tree roots?

Roots can cause severe damage to your pipes and cause leaks, breaks, and clogs. Our high-pressure water jetting can remove tree roots and flush them down the pipe and solve drainage and clogging problems.

How much does a hydro jetting cost?

Hydro jetting cost varies depending on location, condition of the line, access to the drain among various other conditions. The typical price of $200-$800 for an average residence and $450-$2000 for an average commercial building jetting. These prices may vary depending on your needs and unique situation. Call us for a free estimate.

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