Top Kitchen Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Having a plumbing problem in the kitchen can be a big headache. The last thing you’d want while cooking or entertaining is to worry about an issue with your sink or dishwasher. So we’re going to go over some of the most typical kitchen plumbing problems, how to fix them, and their common causes so you can operate in the kitchen like normal. There are many different issues, with some you can fix on your own while others need the assistance of a kitchen plumbing professional

Low Water Pressure

If your sink’s water pressure seems lower than normal, it may have one of many problems. Older homes especially have issues with their water pressure. One cause of low water pressure involves the metal mesh found at the faucet’s tip, called an aerator. As a result, sediments and minerals accumulate over time which can be fixed with a scale remover or replacement.

However, many other problems can be associated with a faucet’s water pressure, which we would be ready to help you identify. For example, a pipe may have begun to deteriorate over time, causing it to leak. Is there a problem with just the hot water? There might be an issue with the water heater’s shut-off valve.

Sputtering Water

Like problems with low water pressure, uneven water flow can be caused by a clogged aerator and may be fixed by removing and cleaning it. But if this is not the case, there may be a problem with the valve cartridge or air in the water lines.

Replacing a valve cartridge involves removing the handle and hardware underneath it. Cartridges also vary depending on the sink, so you might need to bring it with you to the local hardware store to find the correct replacement cartridge when fixing it on your own.

If the cartridge replacement doesn’t work, air is probably caught in the lines somewhere. These can come about because of simple things such as changes in temperature or the more serious breach in the main water supply. For example, try running cold water from the faucet for five minutes. If the issue isn’t resolved after doing so, our Lake Elsinore plumbers can help you to identify the source of air before you experience a more serious problem.

Leaking Kitchen Faucet

Is your faucet leaking? Chances are, a component has been worn down, causing your water to drip and your bill to add up over time. 

A standard part that usually wears down is the washer. Here are a few tips to try and fix this issue at home: First, turn off the water supply to the faucet. Then, unscrew the cap at the top of the faucet and replace the washer. Finally, screw the cap back on. 

If your kitchen faucet keeps leaking, you may have an issue with your valve or O-ring, which can be more complicated to fix. Unfortunately, without professional help, problems like these might become much bigger than they need to be – so contact us today for all your faucet services and repairs

Leaks Under the Sink

There are many reasons for a leak under the sink, which can be easy or difficult to notice. They can originate from places like the disposal or drain or somewhere else entirely. If you are encountering a leak under your sink, our local plumbers can identify and take care of the problem.

Clogged Sink Drain

A clog in your kitchen sink is often caused by substances accumulating in the pipes below your sink. With use, material like grease and soap scum builds up. However, a clogged sink may indicate a clog further down the pipe rather than just under the sink. You can use a snake to try and fix the blockage further down the pipe, but you may have an issue that a snake won’t be able to repair. In that case, contact a nearby plumber so they can determine the problem and unclog your sink.

Garbage Disposal Not Working

A clogged or jammed garbage disposal can back up your sink. This is because garbage disposals aren’t equipped for handling large amounts of food. As a result, certain food waste, such as coffee grounds and bones, can easily jam the motor. When trying to fix this at home, you can turn off the power to the garbage disposal and then try to remove these things from the drain with long pliers or tongs, and then try to rerun the garbage disposal while running hot water. But if that doesn’t work, your garbage disposal might need to be repaired or replaced, which is something we at Canyon Hills Plumbing can quickly do for you.

Dishwasher Leaks or Drain Issues

Problems with your dishwasher can come in many forms and can be simple or complex, and if not fixed, can cause many other issues. For example, if your dishwasher leaks, the unit might need to be pulled out depending on the issue. It usually won’t be necessary if a bad float switch is causing the leak, broken spray arms, or ill-fitting gaskets, but you most likely need a plumber to identify and remedy the problem.

Problems with a dishwasher’s drain might be due to improperly installing it, such as lacking a high loop, causing it not to drain water correctly. Dishwashers can also have faulty or old valves that would need to be replaced. A plumber can help to properly reinstall the drain or replace necessary parts for your dishwasher.

Refrigerator Water Line Malfunction or Leaks

If there is a pool of water around your refrigerator, it may be a leak or just condensation. To check if it is condensation, make sure that your refrigerator is level, so the coolant for your fridge can flow freely. A backed-up coolant or a blocked defrost drain can cause condensation to form on the coils, mimicking a leak. If you continue to experience the problem, your water line may have malfunctioned. If this is the case, you may also have issues with your ice maker and slow water flow from the dispenser. Contact an experienced plumber to assess and fix the problem right away!

Washing Machine Leaking

If you have a laundry room adjacent to your kitchen, a machine or sink leak may also affect your kitchen. These problems should be addressed quickly, as they can easily cause damage to your walls and floor. If water appears near the wall adjoined with the laundry room for no reason, check the laundry room for any issues, such as leaks in the sink or burst hoses. Our plumbers are available to repair these problems with your washing machine.

Are You Experiencing Any of These Issues?

There are many kitchen plumbing problems, but they’re usually easy to fix. If you are encountering any of these common kitchen problems, then contact us at Canyon Hills Plumbing. We’ll send one of our professional plumbers your way so we can help you get your kitchen back up and running again!


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