Heavy Rain Causing Plumbing Issues? Here’s What You Can Do

Have you ever thought about how heavy rain can affect your plumbing?

It’s not uncommon for plumbing issues to pop up from time to time, especially if you’ve lived in the same home for a while! But, if you’re having them more frequently, there could be an external problem that you haven’t thought about.

Heavy rain is one of these problems, particularly in Southern California. When the heavens open and the rain pours down, not many people are thinking of their plumbing – but they should be!

Find out more about plumbing problems when it rains and how you can stop them.

Can Heavy Rain Affect Plumbing?

There’s no doubt about it; heavy rain can definitely affect your plumbing if you’re not prepared! A Southern California downpour can actually put a number of strains on your plumbing system, such as increasing the pressure on your pipes. This happens when rain soaks into the sand and dirt around your pipes, making it heavier and pushing harder on your plumbing system.

You can also find your pipes actually shifting underground when the rain is heavy enough. If it’s very wet, the earth around your pipes can become softer, letting your pipes move. Add this to the increased pressure, and your pipes could start to bend and crack, leading to major problems.

Why Does My Plumbing Backup When it Rains?

If you’re wondering when to call a plumber, water leaking into your home should definitely be a sign! This could be because of a backup, which is a common problem after a big rainstorm. But why does this happen?

There are two main causes. The first would be if your pipes have cracks in them (as mentioned above) and debris, such as soil and rocks, are slipping into them. If your drain’s blocked after a rain, this could be why!

As debris builds up, water and waste can’t travel through the pipes easily, causing a backup. This definitely isn’t a nice problem, and you should always have pipe cracks sorted as quickly as possible by a qualified plumber.

Another cause of a backup is an overload in the sewer system. After heavy rains, municipal sewers can become overloaded with an abundance of water. If this is more than the sewer can take, the excess can start flowing backward and end up in your home.

If your neighborhood frequently experiences backed-up sewage systems, don’t panic! There are ways to deal with this that we’ll get to later.

Does Flooding Affect Plumbing?

Unfortunately, flooding can have pretty bad effects on plumbing and can result in serious damage. It’s common for floods to cause clogged outside drains and inside drains as flood water often contains a lot of sediment and debris. Luckily, this can usually be fixed with drain cleaning and hydro jetting, which should be done before using your system again or before the next rainstorm. The good news is the pros at Canyon Hills Plumbing have specialized hydro-jetting equipment to get this job done for you and make sure your drains continue to flow.

You should always check any exposed pipes after a flood for signs of damage. If you spot anything wrong, make sure you call a plumber immediately for assistance.

If the flood was heavy and the water was standing for an extended period of time, it’s likely there’ll be some damage to underground plumbing. The water and wet soil will have put massive pressure on your pipes, and they may have been cracked or even crushed. When the water disappears, be sure to hire a plumber like Canyon Hills Plumbing to inspect your system for damage and prevent a broken or backed up sewer.

Can Rain Cause Toilet Problems?

As your toilet is part of your plumbing system, rain can definitely affect it! One of the most frequent signs that there’s something wrong with your toilet is toilet gurgling, which can be caused by a clogged drain or a backup.

If you have a septic tank, you may also find that this is causing issues after a heavy downpour. If rainwater has got into your tank and caused it to fill up, the water may have nowhere else to go but back into your toilet. If you’re looking into how to prepare for heavy rain, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises that you have your septic tank checked every three years to prevent rainfall from causing problems.

How Do I Stop My Outside Drain From Clogging?

A clogged yard drain after heavy rain is always annoying. Luckily, there are ways you can work to prevent the issue from happening. When it comes to how to avoid rain plumbing issues, it always pays to be proactive!

The first thing to do is regularly clear out debris in your drain by scooping it out before using a wet-dry vacuum to get any remaining, hard-to-reach debris. You can also use a drain guard to stop leaves, rocks, and other nuisances from entering your drain, making blockages far less likely. The experienced plumbers at Canyon Hills Plumbing can also help with drain cleaning, making sure the job is done properly.

It’s also important that you regularly inspect your drain to ensure it’s in good condition and isn’t becoming blocked. A plumber can help you with this, thoroughly checking the state of your drains and maintaining them. If you’re wondering how to fix plumbing issues, calling in a professional is always the best strategy!

Remember to take care of your drains, especially if you know heavy rain is on the way. Something that little extra TLC can go a long way.

Don’t Let Heavy Rain Take You or Your Plumbing Down

Abundant rain can be a huge pain for drains, causing backups and cracks in your system. If you live in an area that sees a lot of rain, it’s crucial you have a good plumber on your side to help you if problems arise. That’s where our team at Canyon Hills Plumbing comes in!

We have a team of experienced, trusted plumbers offering a range of services. If you need a plumber to fix any plumbing issues, not just those related to downpours, be sure to get in touch with us today!

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